china price Htd Industrial Timing Belts for Spinning Machine manufacturers

Item Description

CZPT CZPT ry Co&interval&commaLtd&time period can offer you Trapezoidal tooth timing belt&comma HTD Arc tooth timing belt&comma STD Arc tooth timing belt&comma RPP Arc tooth timing belt&comma Double sided timing belt and PU belt for all types&comma this kind of as L&comma XL&comma XXL&comma MXL&comma T5&comma T10&comma 3M&comma 5M&comma 8M&comma S2M&comma S3M&comma S5M&comma S8M&comma etc&interval&period of time

Polyurethane belt

Model Pitch P With CZPT hs Tooth Peak ht
XL 5&period080 2&period30 1&period27
L 9&period525 3&period60 one&period91
H 12&period700 four&period30 2&period29
XH 22&period225 eleven&period20 6&period35
5M 5 3&period8 2&period06
8M 8 six&period0 3&period36
14M fourteen ten&period0 six&period02
S 5M five three&period40 one&period91
S 8M eight 5&period30 three&period05
S 14M fourteen 10&period20 five&period30
T5 five two&period2 1&period20
T10 ten four&period5 two&period50
T20 20 eight&period0 5&period00
AT5 five 2&period7 1&period20
AT10 ten five&period0 2&period50

The total height of Double Sided Timing Belt

Sort W T
D-MXL &period508 1&period53
D-XL &period508 three&period05
D-L &period762 4&period58
D-H one&period372 five&period95
D-XH 2&period794 fifteen&period49
D-XXH three&period048 22&period11
D-T2&period5 &period60 two&period00
D-T5 one&period00 3&period40
D-T10 two&period00 seven&period00
D-T20 3&period00 thirteen&period00
D-AT10 two&period00 seven&period00
HTD-DA -3M &period760 3&period10
HTD-DA -5M one&period143 5&period26
HTD-DA -8M one&period372 8&period17
HTD-DA -14M two&period80 14&period84
STD-DA-S 8M one&period372 seven&period48

Double Sided Timing Belt requirements Dimension

Kind Part length Teeth
196XL~1970XL 497&period84~5003&period8 98~985
203L ~ 1988L 514&period35~5048&period25 54~530
670H~2500H 1701&period8~6350 124~500
700XH~2275XH 1778&period00~5778&period5 eighty~260
700XXH~2625XXH 1778&period00~6667&period5 fifty six~210
T2&period5x500~T2&period5x5000 500&period00~5000&period00 two hundred~2000
T5x500~T5x7000 500&period00~7000&period00 100~1400
T10x500~T10x7050 five hundred&period00~7050&period00 50~705
T20x1700~T20x7000 1700&period00~7000&period00 eighty five~350
AT10x500~AT10x7000 five hundred&period00~7000&period00 50~700
501 -3M~5571 -3M 501&period00~5571&period00 167~1670
500 -5M~7000~ 5M 500&period00~7000&period00 fifty~1400
512 -8M~6880 -8M 512&period00~6880&period00 64~860
1750 -14M~6860 -14M 1750&period00~6860&period00 one hundred twenty five~490
512-S 8M~6880-S 8M 512&period00~6880&period00 64~860

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china price Htd Industrial Timing Belts for Spinning Machine manufacturers

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