china supplier Tfl Coating Colored Za, Zb, Ru, Yu, My, Mr, Zbs, S8m, Sp, Htdn High Quality Auto Timing Belts and Industrial Timing Belt manufacturers

Merchandise Description

OFT TFL Coating Colored Za, Zb, Ru, Yu, My, Mr, Zbs, S8m, Sp, Htdn CZPT -High quality CZPT motive Timing Belts and CZPT Timing Belt

Specifics of Teflon Coating Colored CZPT -High quality CZPT motive Timing Belts

Automotive Timing Belt
Content: CR / HNBR
1.Leading Area: use-resistant chloroprene rubber compound.
2.Stress users: glass fiber.
three.Foundation: shear resistant chloroprene rubber compound.
four.Cover: nylon include.

Characters of CZPT CZPT motive transmission belt
*1: CZPT -efficiency factor and excessive tensile energy
*2: Extraordinarily resistance on chilly & heat (-40ºC-120ºC), oil and ozone
*3: Superb getting older-resistance and abrasion-resistance
*4: Slip-free of charge transmission and lower sounds

TDS of OFT CZPT motive transmission belt
House of timing belt

Check Item Check Consequence
Stress toughness (≥KN/25.4mm) .fifty nine-ten.8 (in accordance to sorts)
Elongation (≤ % ) 4. (all kinds)
Loading (KN/25.4mm) .49-8.sixty four (in accordance to types)

Apps of  OFT CZPT motive transmission belt
The timing belt is extensively used in place of work equipment, computers, initiatives, tape-records, domestic appliances, device instruments, health care tools, and so on.

Versions and kinds of Automotive Synchronous Timing Belt

Variety Pb(mm) Ht(mm) Hs(mm)
ZA nine.525 one.ninety one 4.ten
ZB 9.525 two.29 four.fifty
ZH 9.525 three.50 five.50
YH 8.000 3.04 5.20
ZR nine.525 three.twenty 5.forty
YS 8.000 2.ninety five five.twenty
ZS 9.525 three.fifty three 5.70
ZAS nine.525 two.32 4.62
ZBS nine.525 2.eighty two.80
FS8M eight.000 three.05 three.05
YU eight.000 3.eleven 3.11
MY 8.000 3.11 three.eleven
MR nine.525 three.fifty four three.fifty four
RU 9.525 three.56 three.56
ZLB nine.525 two.70 two.70
ZD 9.525 3.fifty 3.50


Industrial Timing belt CZPT nical information: 

Kind Pitch Pb
Tooth height ht
Belt thickness 
HTD 2M two .75 one.36
3M 3 1.seventeen two.four
5M 5 two.06 three.8
8M 8 3.36 six
14M 14 six.02 ten
20M 20 8.four thirteen.two
STPD/STS S2M two .76 1.36
S3M 3 one.14 2.2
S4.5M four.5 one.71 two.81
S5M five 1.91 3.four
S8M eight 3.05 five.3
S14M fourteen five.three 10.two
RPP/HPPD 2M 2 .seventy six 1.36
3M 3 one.15 one.nine
5M five 1.ninety five three.5
8M 8 three.2 5.five
14M fourteen 6 ten


Our Merchandise: 

Business Introduction
ZheJiang CZPT TRANSMISSION BELTS CO.LTD., which is additional expanded from the current HangZhou Ophte
Rubber Co., Ltd., is geared up with more advanced engineering and correct gadgets. The factory has been put into procedure given that Aug. 2012, which addresses an spot of 33,000 square meters. CZPT is a modernized
company, integrating CZPT , generation, and advertising and marketing. 
Considering that its basis in 2004, CZPT firm has taken technology as the core, fully commited itself to the advancement and application of new components and CZPT d engineering, and attained substantial outcomes. The
good quality of its item has been at the foremost level of the same business in CZPT . 

Workshop of CZPT
We have independently created the HNBR coating timing belt, one particular-stage vulcanized thickening coated PK belts
with a lot of alternatives in colors and CR wrapped belts with strengthened intensity.


Delivery details

OFT Transmission Belts primarily provide Aftermarkets, and far more than 90% of merchandise are exported to CZPT ern
Europe, CZPT ern CZPT pe, North CZPT ica, Central, and South CZPT ica, CZPT ia, and so on.


Cost-free samples provided by CZPT , Contact Us: 


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china supplier Tfl Coating Colored Za, Zb, Ru, Yu, My, Mr, Zbs, S8m, Sp, Htdn High Quality Auto Timing Belts and Industrial Timing Belt manufacturers

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